Recreation complex Restaurant of national cuisine
  • Landscape
    Authentic Ukrainian landscapedesign
  • Pavilions
    Pavilions outdoors Relaxation
  • Approach
    Comfortable entrance and parking place
  • Interier
    the Exquisite interier
Гармата Гармата


Recreation   complex "Kozatsky dvir" is modern embodiment of old Ukrainian hospitality. Visit  us and you will feel all the benefits  of the recreation  in the countryside. The chief-cook of our restaurant will offer to you the most delicious dishes of national cuisine , that you can taste while enjoying a colourful ethnic interior. You will be impressed of this  unforgettable vacation  outside Lviv.


free Cossack’s spirit Never knew the rest - not in the battle nor in the celebrations. Cossacks with no less enthusiasm fall in the entertainment after Having seen the peace and decimating plenty of  enemies. Cossacks were able to leave in Korchmar  their last shirtas also were able to receive guests. Occasionally Cossack courts appeared in our land. They were Laidby the glorious cossacks to acsept brothers and to raise a glass for the heroic times. Each court had its own history and its own destiny but all of them were united bythe feeling of freedom and love to their native lands.

  Time passed andall applicants  were accepted in courts. Savouring cossack’s foods and drinks, guests abandoned courts with a slight hangover and desire to come back again. we are based In such an old  place. For you we have recreated a welcoming flavor of our ancestorsand supplemented it with constant attribute of modern recreation of the city.

Restaurant   of the national   Ukrainian   cuisine  and  dishes on the grill , summer   gazebos,   terrace,   child's   playground   and   bath-house  areat your disposal.


       gorilkaWe complemented the Primordial Ukrainian style with a summer terrace in Ottoman style and pavilions outdoors - where the Ukrainian cuisine will taste you even better. Stop searching restaurants in the Lviv area and justcome to our tourist’s  complex and restaurant in the countryside of Lviv!     

      You can  grant to us chosing  a highway KYIV-CHOP (H 10). Your road will certainly pass by our hospitable tourist complex, if you are driving from Lviv to the  Carpathian Mountains or towards the European Union

       If you wish to be certained that it is always place for you to stay in our courtcontact us by phone call  or simply use our booking system. If you searchwhere to eat outside Lviv City you are welcome  to us! Our complex Kozatskiy dvir is the best place to rest in countryside.

Козацький двір10 из 10: 18 голосов.