Recreation complex Restaurant of national cuisine
Гармата Гармата


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Restaurant is the pride of Kozatskiy dvir! For the sake of national delisious dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine lots of people come here from everywhere. Thrifty young women from Krakiv, Kyiv and Lviv are trying to get recipesfrom  thechief  and their men try not to miss any opportunitytofeel hospitality and comfort of our restaurant  once again.

VisitingKozatskiy dvir — is always great holiday, but sometimes it might happen that the case  to visit us is the remarkable event in your family or company. We are aquinted with the fact how important are such moments are and we are ready to cater the most demanding customers and you are invited to conduct celebration of wedding or corporate evening. On the 3d-panorama page  you can fully estimate our apartment and here you might be acquinted  with our banquet menu.